Merry Christmas To All

This Christmas season I’ve been really focusing on all the blessings in my life.  All too often, we can consume ourselves with nonsense that in the grand scheme of things don’t matter.  I just want to tell all of my family (blood or not) how much we love and appreciate you!  We’ve been blessed with friends that challenge us, nurture us and that love us no matter what the situation.  We’re very blessed to have family and family away from family!  ;o)

I keep wanting to share some thoughts that I’ve learned over the past two years.  Sooo here goes!

The best advice I can give newlyweds or any married person is to consume yourself with The Gospel.  Consume yourselves with the people of a church that love you for who you are and where you are.  There are sooo many comparisons with having children and being married with Christ and the church.

For one, I don’t think you can ever feel the amount of  desperation that the weight of parenthood brings upon you until you have them.  I don’t say this to be a downer but parenthood is NOT easy!  It’s a huge sacrifice to do somewhat of a good job, much less to be an ever present, awesome one!  Christ sacrificed his own son.  To me, that’s unimaginable and (God willing) I hope to never know what it’s like to lose one.  Have kids, you won’t regret it.  It WILL stretch and mold you as long as you look to God for the life lessons and not get completely overwhelmed in the daily chaos!

Secondly, marriage is hard.  Don’t be fooled by the pre-marital romance, beautiful ceremony and perfect honeymoon.  Those are all facades for what actually comes out when you are “stuck” with each other. ;o)  Love your spouse, and I mean really love them.  They are imperfect, as yourself.  You are not supposed to be perfect so don’t act like you are!  I love this quote from Gary Thomas, ” What if marriage is designed to make you holy more than to make us happy?”  The more you let Christ mold you within your marriage, the more you can be grateful for how far you’ve come!  Who wants to be the same person you were when you got married?  Not me!  I was selfish and definitely nowhere near what Christ intended for me to be.  It’s ok to grow and if you’re not growing, there’s something wrong with your relationship!

Last but not least!  Christ loved the church as his bride.  That means He REALLY loves the church!  He physically gave his life for it!  That means WE should REALLY love the church!   The older and “more mature” I get, I see all the comparisons Christ meant for me to see in these different relationships.  To serve (all people, not just your husband and family) in the church and outside is what is building me at this moment.  I firmly believe you will not see and feel the blessings God intended for you until you immerse yourself in serving.  And, serving with wanting NOTHING in return.  That is KEY!  This material and sinful world blocks so much of what Christ wants you to see because we are selfish, selfish human beings.

All of these comparisons and relationships are meant to teach a lesson.  That lesson for me is that we CANNOT do it without Christ!  We were never meant to walk alone in this life.  We are supposed to surround ourselves with like minded, Christ followers that lift up and call out when needed!  ;o)  We are not here on this earth to live life unscathed.  If we lived life that way, there would be no need for a savior!

My prayer for you this coming year is that you face what’s bothering you!  Don’t push feelings and hurts down because you don’t want to “deal” with the hurt they’ve caused.  I want you to feel because feeling is where Christ wants you to be.  He wants us to be healthy and present and perfect for His service!

I am so grateful for all the wonderful friends and family in my life!  I want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas!  I hope you enjoy our Christmas card!  If you personally received one in the mail, it may be different than this one!  I couldn’t make up my mind so I chose three different designs!  ;o)

Thank you for loving the Boggs family!  We love you more than you could imagine!




Beware: A Post For Women Only – You’ve Been Warned

Hey girls.  I’ve been having what I feel are side effects from a tubal ligation.  I say this because I’ve never been so outta wack in my life!  Before having this procedure, I’d always been VERY regular.  I had some pretty bad cramps in high school but as I got older they subsided.  Never had really heavy periods and was always done within 4-6 days.

After having Maggie & tubal ligation I’m having SUPER heavy periods, migraine on the day of or day before my period starts (also random migraines throughout the month) , horrible cramps, and my period is lasting 7-12 days.  Also, my cycle is running every 15-20 days.  So I’m having my period every 2-3 weeks, and that is about to be the death of me.

I share this because I need some help.  I hope no man actually read this!  But, I’ve always been taught when you need some help, you ask.  So that’s what I’m doing!

Have any of you girls experienced these problems?  Do you have any wisdom on this subject?  Please let me know if you do!!

Sincerely over being miserable,


Advancing In Faith

Lately I’ve been struggling (internally) with how we’re going to survive this next year.  We moved into a house that was less expensive so we could give more to our church.  We made a pledge that we hope to fulfill and will only be met by God’s intervention.  My husband and I both felt pulled to do more than we were doing so we made a change.  The end result would be more people knowing the Jesus we know and learning in a church that was more than we’ve ever, ever asked for.

To me, Revolution Church is family.  I’ve never felt judged or “looked down upon” because I was honest with how I was feeling, for the way I dressed or because we shared one car.  Not even a single snare from a pastor has been thrown my way.  This means more than you could ever imagine.  I don’t hate the churches that I grew up in, but there were snares, clicks and they were definitely lacking in the grace category.

I want to tell this story because I do lose faith and I sometimes don’t (fully) believe that Jesus will pull me through the fire.  In my heart of hearts, I do know Jesus will provide everything we need but the everyday craziness gets to me and I doubt.

Yesterday I got my coupons together (b/c I’m a coupon freak) and was headed to Publix to grab a few coupon deals.  Leaving the new house, I stopped at the end of our long driveway to check the mail.  I knew it wouldn’t be anything exciting because all of our mail has been forwarded and it’s taking a while for us to get our “real” mail.  It’s been pretty much junk mail so far.  As I was thumbing through, I saw a weird envelope that I didn’t recognize, with my name on it.  I opened it and saw this:

You can imagine my face when I saw this!  Sadie was saying, “Mommy, why are you crying?”  “Mommy is ok, I’m just really happy!”  I couldn’t believe it!  Just when I was doubting and losing faith, He smacks me across the face with this!  ;o)  I honestly don’t even remember when this contest took place.  I’m guessing right before school started but that’s been a while.

I’m so grateful for what God is doing through the people of Revolution.  I hope that one day we can make a book of the blessings that are going to pour over everyone in the next couple of years.  It’s going to be pretty amazing!  Hang on, peeps!  It’s just the beginning.  Let’s ADVANCE!

I <3 Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year!  Ghosts, pumpkins, camp fires, candy, trick-or-treating, eating (really good food), and thanking God for what we have been blessed with.  I probably gain ten pounds over Thanksgiving and Christmas combined, but I feel it’s worth it!  ;o)

A few weeks ago, we asked Dayana with CDM Photo Studio to take our family pics.  I’ve seen about ten of the shots and I can’t wait to get the rest!  We thought it was important to show our kids that we really did exist.  ;o)  We take a ton of pics of the girls but Josh and I are really bad about taking pics of each other with the girls.

Here are a few!  I can’t wait to show you the rest!

The Apple House

This Thursday Dayana and I packed up the girls and headed north to Ellijay, Ga!  We went to have fun with the girls and also for Dayana to check out the area for an upcoming photo shoot.  Oh man, did we have a blast!  So grateful she invited us!  I haven’t had that much fun with my girls in a while!  Oh and we got some yummy apples, peach butter (like apple butter, just with peaches) and some awesome pics taken by Dayana!  Thanks girl!

Here are a few shots from the “BJ Reece Apple House“!

“Man Crisis”

This speaks volumes to me.  I can see how and why this epidemic has changed the face of this country and of our church.  Please men, grow up and be the MAN you are supposed to be,  not the boy this world tells you to be.

Mommy “Do-Overs”

I have some REALLY wonderful women in my life.  I’ve learned so much about being a mommy, a friend and wife from them that I will forever be grateful!  I guess recently I’ve thought a lot about what moms would’ve done different if they had it to do all over again.  I don’t like the word “regret” because I feel like “regrets” are something you didn’t learn from.  Hmm… what other word can we use…  how about “do-overs!”  Ok, that sounds good, so “do-overs!”  What would you moms have done differently?  Those of you who already have kids out of the house, please help us other moms out!!  What would you “do-over” if you could?!!

Lenny Loves Jesus

Some of you read my post on Lenny Kravitz the other day.  With my mild Twitter/FB hiatus I forgot that my blog directly posts to Twitter.  Anywho… my sister then commented on my post and left this awesome article about Lenny.  And well, I love it when I find out “big stars” love Jesus!  I found out recently that “Chuck” or Zachary Levi was a Christian and that he actually holds a church out of his home.  I’ll just let you read the article, it speaks for itself!

It’s a little long but worth every word!   Lenny Loves Jesus

“Fly Away”

I can’t imagine this happening.  I think it’s pretty cool that Lenny just hopped in there and started playing with these kids!  Props to him for probably making their day or life for that matter!   Course now that I think of it, are they old enough to know who Lenny is?!!  :o/  Obviously the guy singing/playing guitar does!  Either way, it’s pretty cool!

Although, that first video is pretty rad.  This video is when I “fell in love” with Lenny.  Just the venue alone is ahh-mazing!  If anyone knows where this was filmed, please fill me in.  I’ve tried to find it online with no luck.  Enjoy!

Hello Hurricane

So,  for about a month now I’ve been going a little crazy.  I’ve been rummaging through closets, shelves, dressers, cabinets, etc… giving tons of clothes, things and objects to Goodwill.  In most of my experiences, this means I’m about to have a baby… you know, that whole “nesting” thing.  But, since I know that to be impossible I’ve been thinking something else is coming.

This hasn’t been just a physical but an emotional roller coaster.  I’m tired of the constant hurricane that’s been going on in my head.  I’ve asked friends and family about “Feeling something was coming but you just don’t know what” and “If I was absolutely bonkers for feeling this way?”  Of course, I have some awesome people in my life and they tell me “I am bonkers but the feelings you are having are not!”

Ready for my mind to be thinking about simple things.  I want to think about what we’re having for lunch, what nonsense the girls and I can get into or just what I’m wearing that day.  All that sounds like a piece of cake compared what’s bouncing around in there right now!