Beware: A Post For Women Only – You’ve Been Warned

Hey girls.  I’ve been having what I feel are side effects from a tubal ligation.  I say this because I’ve never been so outta wack in my life!  Before having this procedure, I’d always been VERY regular.  I had some pretty bad cramps in high school but as I got older they subsided.  Never had really heavy periods and was always done within 4-6 days.

After having Maggie & tubal ligation I’m having SUPER heavy periods, migraine on the day of or day before my period starts (also random migraines throughout the month) , horrible cramps, and my period is lasting 7-12 days.  Also, my cycle is running every 15-20 days.  So I’m having my period every 2-3 weeks, and that is about to be the death of me.

I share this because I need some help.  I hope no man actually read this!  But, I’ve always been taught when you need some help, you ask.  So that’s what I’m doing!

Have any of you girls experienced these problems?  Do you have any wisdom on this subject?  Please let me know if you do!!

Sincerely over being miserable,



3 thoughts on “Beware: A Post For Women Only – You’ve Been Warned

  1. Nikki,
    The headaches are probably hormone related and come and go as your hormones increase and decrease through out the month. Prior to my last surgery I controlled my headaches with a medication call Emerge. Since the headaches were predictable I could stop them before they started. Since I had the hysterectomy the headaches have all but disappeared.

    As for your other issues– they are NOT normal. I have 5 sisters and all of us have had issues. Each of us have received differnt treatments ranging from medication, ablasions and hysterectomies. The stuff you are talking about not only affects you but it affects your marriage (in more than one way) and it effects your kids since you seem to be out of whack all of the time. The longer this goes on the more stressful and tense your family relationships will become. I dealt with similiar issues from November 2009 until July of 2010 and it really sucked. My issues started after having a miscarriage– shocks to the body like tubals, birth and miscarriages can mess your body up for a period of time.

    Keep records and then go see your Dr. there are several things that can be done to help fix this problem. Some are more invasive and more radical that others.

    I will be praying for you and hope that you find answers soon.

  2. Hey girls. Thanks for the replies! I actually had lots of people text and call me which was also helpful. Mom, I know you know this but Donna, we don’t have insurance, so that’s honestly the only reason I haven’t been yet. I called today and it looks like just a pap and check up will be around $400! Holy cow… my mouth’s still on the floor! And of course everything but the labs (which are extra) are due the day of service. Looks like I’ll be calling the Health Department to see if they can do anything. And yes, this is causing major stresses on me, my children and poor Josh. ;o) Thanks again, ladies!

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